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Hi my single 6 years old daughter is not mingling well with her classmates and interacts with only one or two,pls tell me ways to improve her social behaviour.
- Bhuvaneswari

The importance of developing emotionally strong childhood. In 21st Century, there is a steady migration from rural to urban world. This created a distance between grand parents and grand children. Along with this, the no. of working parents also increased during the last decade. Therefore, now a days, many children spent their early childhood in day care or toddler center. This raised an issue whether our future generation can cope with these changes. Do our children learn to be emotionally strong ? Kindly, post your comments and views.
- Lakshmi Narasimhan

Hi! I have a 2 year old boy baby and we are planning to put him in a playschool by June 2014. We have shortlisted kidzee and eurokids. Any reviews on these? We were also researching about schools for LKG too and found Sankara Senior Secondary school . Any reviews or suggestions for that school?
- Sujatha Rajasekar

Dear Parents, Friends, I am located at Velachery. And my daughter (Yazhini) is 4 years and 3 months old (DOB: 28-Jun-2009), studying LKG in EuroKids- Velachery. I have planned to place her in a CBSE school located in or around Velachery. Can you please help me out in advising me on a)how to choose the best school? b)Date of Application available either online or from school? c)Any Formalities or Procedures I should know ? My constraints are: a) It should be CBSE School. b) Should have an option to choose Tamil as second language. c) School should not put too much pressure on the kid. d) School should be less than 5 Km from my home(Velachery). Please help as I have very recently moved to Chennai from London. Have got settled in Chennai. Many Many thanks in advance for the help.
- Ganesh

My three and a half year old(only) son is an expressive and verbally active child at home. He is enthusiastic about showing off his physical strength and adventure wherever possible.But when it comes to learning at school he firmly denies telling happening or what he did at school that day. He firmly refuses to follow instructions regarding school or learning. This goes to the extent of stubbornness and even ready to be reprimanded than give in.He goes to a CBSE school which follows XSEED books with a montessori method of teaching. We have a happy joint family with grandparents and parents paying sufficient attention to his play and learning.He would not follow instructions of recital or coloring even before the close family circle. Then what could be the reason for this behavior and how should be this dealt with?
- Parvathi Ramesh

My lil girl is 2.5 years old. She is very persistent. When she wants something and does not get it, she breaks into a fit of crying n tears. and does not stop till she gets it.How do i distract her ?I know for sure that giving in to these demands is no way the best solution.
- Suha

Any strict discpline animation school or animation college in chennai or bangalore?
- vinoth

Could anyone suggest a good and best cbse school in madipakkam,velachery and nanganallur.
- Athmini

Any summer camps in and around velachery & adyar?
- michael renny

My child enjoys music and goes for this class called Rhapsody. I am wondering how much time I should allow her for this. She is in the 4th standard.
- Veena

Many schools have cut short their summer vacations. Do you think it is a good idea?
- Shashwathy

How do you make reluctant children study? What strategies do you use?
- Nitya V

Children can no longer bring gadgets like cellphones and iPads to school,according to a circular by Directorate of School Education. Do you think this is a good move?Why or why not?
- Shashwathy

Could you suggest any good Pre schools in and around Adyar? I am looking for one for my 2 year old daughter
- Pallavi

Should we buy barbie dolls for our children?Do they reinforce stereotypical notions of beauty?
- Parent Circle

Should there be a single board of education for all the Indian schools in the country?
- Parent Circle

I am planning to buy a router, any suggestions???? A parental control is what I am looking for.
- kamal

Is it necessary for class 10 CBSE students to write the board exams?
- Parent Circle

Principal's offices in schools have CCTV's.Is this a welcome trend or an invasion of privacy?
- Rangashree Srinivas

I am a parent of a 7.5yr old daughter, she has very limited concentration and has minimal motivation to read. She fails to do her regular chores. How do I make reading more interesting?
- Preethi Suresh

How can we tackle sibling rivalry?
- Shashwathi Sandeep

I often hear of this term “Internet Addiction.” What is it ? How can I Know If me or my family is addicted to Internet ?
- Janki

How can I keep my 4year old daughter from putting everything into her mouth?I tried everything I could.Now she is having mouth ulcers and also complaining about stomach pain .
- divZ

How responsive are schools to parents?
- Rangashree

My kid wipes off Internet browser history. Can I keep a tab of his online activities. Any suggestions please?
- Shreys

How stringent should the dress code be for school children? Should bindis, bangles, flowers and streaked hair be allowed? Why?
- Rangashree

Me and my kid are equally active on social media. I find the content on such sites is more for kids, not parents. Any ideas or solution ?
- Krish

How do I advice my kids to use Internet safely?
- Soham

I had enrolled my son in XSEED, CIT Colony. After completing 4 months, we shifted him to another playschool. I was told that the deposit amount would be refunded along with several others, after they have taken a decision regarding this. that was in January end. Till now i have not received any information from them regarding this. Anyone else waiting for refund from XSEED?
- Balaji

Your article about multiple intelligence was very valued and informative.But as a parent how do we posses these Intelligence in our child?i want to do the dermatoglyphic multiple intelligence test for my far is it accurate?
- umayalsenthil

Should children under 5 years be sent to day care centres? Does it affect them emotionally?
- Rangashree Srinivas

What is the right age for my child to have a Facebook account?
- Nitya V

My son is 7 years old and I got him a Beyblade just last month, but he is demanding the latest version now. What do I do?
- Rangashree Srinivas

Are tutions necessary for your child?
- Parent circle

Should the practice of frequent written tests in schools be encouraged by parents?
- R.Pattammal

Should a kid be allowed to use internet behind closing doors?
- Krish

School bags are getting heavier.What do you think should be done?
- Parent Circle

The web browser history of my teen age boy showed some sites with adult content. How do I deal with this?
- Soham

Do you think pocket money should be given to your child?
- Parent Circle

I am a working mother of 18 m onths old boy. Recently he has picked up the habit of beating me, his dad and his grand father. He doesnt beat always. Just when I return from office, or just when he woke up from his sleep. I have tried to tell him firmly this is not the right behaviour and people will call him bad boy. I didnt spank him or I didnt shout at him. I was soft and firm. But still there is not sign of change. Any other suggestions please
- Raji

Should teachers be very strict or lenient with children?
- Parent Circle

A parent must teach or give the skills of studying to the child ... and not go about teaching them ..up for discussion
- Benedict Gnaiah

The current education system focuses more on marks and academic achievement at the cost of holistic learning. Is this a healthy trend? What are the implications on a child’s future?
- Rangashree.S

In a leading sari store in Chennai, a shoe-clad two-year- old was creating havoc, running wild on the sari display tables. The child’s behaviour was attracting attention from the other shoppers. Her grandfather tried to calm the child down. Unperturbed by the child’s antics, the mother however remonstrated with the grandfather to allow the child to do what she wanted. Do you think the mother should have handled the situation this way?
- shoaib

Does giving too much freedom to kids allowing them to take the easy way out?
- shoaib

Is Chennai a good place to raise a child?
- shoaib

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