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Anuradha Kumar, Chennai

As I am sitting here in front of this serene lake, surrounded by green everywhere, I notice an old soul gaping in to the endless sky. Curious about the empty look even in such a blissful place, I gently broke the hiatus.
Anuradha Kumar, Chennai

Being a mother is no cakewalk. Yet women are chosen to be 'IT' because they can handle it, and handle it well.
Anuradha Kumar, Chennai

An infant's cry helps new parents understand their baby's feeding-changing-napping needs.Toddler’s actions guide in determining their mood,likes and dislikes. So,children obviously are guiding factors who help parents in understanding their needs.
Usha Rangan, Boston

Pavithra Devarajan is a talented sixteen-year-old sophomore at Shrewsbury High School, Boston, US.

Eight-year-old E Satya Vaishnav Tadinada lives in Salt Lake City, Utah in the US. He plays the piano and has been learning it for the past one year.
Usha Rangan, Boston

Fifteen-year-old Jay Appaji from Texas, US has been learning to play the mridangam since he was 3 years old

Fifteen-year-old Vikram Krishnamachari is studying in the 10th grade at Newton North High School in Massachusetts, US.
Usha Rangan, Chennai

Anirudh Rangaswamy, a 13 year old, 8th grader, who lives in Centerville, OH, is an avid student of Carnatic Music. Even at the age of two, he would constantly listen to Carnatic Music CDs, with keen interest.
C.Deepalakshmi, Cochin

Think of Friendship day and songs like "Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge..." , "Dosth bada Dosth...", " En frienda pola Yaaru Machan.."( Who is like my friend?...).. on various T.V channes and the FM Radio evoke memories of some of the best friendships portra
Sharda Sriram Koushik, Singapore

Children will often be naughty. But with a positive attitude, you can make discipline fun. I discovered this positive method during the school vacation of my son (3 years and 9 months old) and I would like to share it.
Venkataraghavan Srinivasan, Chennai

“They (the children) use all the pester power they can muster to talk their parents into purchases, a narrator warned,” (The Washington Post, February 1979)
Shail Raghuvanshi, Chennai

Helping children understand the good, bad and the ugly is difficult but not impossible, with the resources that we have. Unfortunately, the distractions have also increased with the resources.
Anita Satish, Chennai

Our journey to bring Nidhi home began several years ago when we dreamt of starting a family through adoption. From the year 2000, we became more and more oriented to this idea.

Every child makes us experience parenting anew. Each presents his or her own set of problems and reactions that leaves us just as confused with the second child as we were with the first one.
Gita Krishnan, Chennai

Honestly, I am uncomfortable when people gush over their deep relationships with their siblings. I have two siblings and our relationships are like the chilly breezes that blow over Antartica.
Smita Shenoy, Chennai

A visit to the park brings out my feelings of jealousy to the fore. I envy women who have two daughters, more so when I see the sisters playing ‘Housie, Housie’ with perfect contentment while their mother catches up with her friends on the cell phone.

Shirin, my 14 year old daughter is on a conference call late into the night. We argue about that. She says that she is trying to help two of her friends through some teenage trouble. She is on phone again at 5 a.m!

About three years ago, thanks to the vagaries of my husband’s profession, I found myself living without him and left with the sole responsibility of my son and his schooling. He had just then completed his 9th grade in an American school and was playing

Al Qamar children enact Haj rites On Saturday 5th November 2011, children at Al Qamar Academy, International school, enacted out the Haj rituals in their school as the real pilgrimage started in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Throughout the preceding week, the

How do you make a child a reader? This question was addressed at “A Reading Child”, a workshop held at Al Qamar Academy, International school, on Saturday 22ndOctober. The workshop was attended by mothers of children attending Al Qamar and teachers f
Fahim Zahir Manoly, Abu Dhabi

Fahim Zahir Manoly is a 9 year old whose hobbies include Drawing, Swimming, Tennis, Cricket , Reading books He loves watching Cartoons and playing electronic games. He is very inquisitive and is a very sympathetic and lovable boy. Here’s a poem by Fahi
Naveen Narayanan, Chennai

I believe a lot has been written and discussed about the predicament of parenting in this era, that I don’t need to cover or question, where at time I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at the efficacy with which I am parenting.
Capt. Seshadri, Chennai

Parenting - Quite a word this! Is it a verb or an adverb, or should we be telling our kids what part of speech it is? Has it always been a part of our lives like breathing or growing or eating? Or is it some new terminology derived from the times that we
Dhanya Bhaskaran, Chennai

“As a parent I am not at all good” is one of the self lamentations quite frequently heard during the counseling sessions meant for young parents. This prick of conscience not only affects their own mental well being, but does considerable damage in mo
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